Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chinese Company Introduces “Dancing Car” Globally

Customers of BYD Auto may now purchase a sports automobile that dances and jumps. In a video posted to the carwow Instagram page, a yellow car with the moniker DiSus-X was seen swaying and even bouncing to the beat. The sports car is shown driving during a Chinese event in the video.

  • Secret Behind the “Dance”

According to a source in the Chinese media, BYD, the world’s largest producer of new energy vehicles (NEV), has announced the BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System, also known as the DiSus System. The demonstration at the company’s Shenzhen headquarters demonstrated how this system is specifically made for NEVs, making BYD the first Chinese automaker to hold the intelligent vehicle body control technology.

This sophisticated mechanism splits into three parts:

  • (DiSus-C) Intelligent Damping Body Control System
  • (DiSus-A) Intelligent Air Body Control System
  • (DiSus-P) Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System

This technology guarantees the vehicle’s agility and effective compatibility with the majority of driving situations and terrains. Additionally, it lessens the chance of a vehicle rolling over and minimises the displacement of passengers during hard braking or emergency braking or cornering at high speeds.

 Additionally, the BYD DiSus can shield the vehicle from dents and scratches on a variety of road surfaces, including muddy, snowy, and watery places.

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