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CityTech2023: A Step Towards Integrating Technology in Education

The CityTech2023 conference was held on March 18, 2023, at the City School PAF Chapter Karachi, Pakistan, and was a resounding success in highlighting the impact of technology on education. The event brought together educators, technologists, and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and insights into how technology is transforming education. Team Startup had the opportunity to interview Mr. Khan Kashif Khan, Director of Strategy and Operations at The City School Southern Region, who shared his vision and thoughts about the event and how The City School is working to integrate technology into education.

Mr. Khan’s primary focus as the Director of Operations and Strategy is to ensure that The City School provides high-quality education that prepares students for the future. He works closely with his team to develop a comprehensive framework that encompasses all aspects of education, including curriculum development, school networks, franchise grants, and the implementation of innovative programs like the Smart School. By analysing the education sector to identify emerging trends and best practices, Mr. Khan collaborates with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that promote academic development and student success.

One of the most significant hurdles in implementing technology in education is the lack of adequate infrastructure, including issues such as internet connectivity and access to devices, which are crucial for technology-enabled learning. However, Mr. Khan believes that the potential for technology to enhance education is great, and many stakeholders, including parents, students, and educators, are enthusiastic about leveraging technology for learning. Therefore, it is essential to focus on improving infrastructure to enable effective implementation of technology in education.

The City School’s key strategy is to collaborate closely with major technology partners such as Microsoft and Google to develop scalable solutions. The goal is to go beyond just teaching technical skills and bring about a fundamental shift in the entire education sector. This conference is not only about imparting new skills but also about driving a broader transformation in education.

The City School priorities ensuring that teachers and staff are properly trained and equipped to use technology effectively in their classrooms. Technology is not limited to just the ICT curriculum but covers every aspect of teaching and learning. Therefore, all teachers and staff are exposed to it, regardless of their subject area. Additionally, The City School invests in its infrastructure to make technology easy to use, which means that teachers don’t need to be ICT experts. Instead, an enabling environment is provided that makes it straightforward to integrate technology into their teaching.

Mr. Khan’s advice to schools or educators who are just starting to incorporate technology into their curriculum is to prioritise it as a necessary step. It’s no longer a matter of choice or just a “good to do” but a crucial responsibility that educators have. The goal should be to prepare students for a world that is continuously changing, and technology is an essential component of that preparation. Without technology, students may not be equipped to handle the demands of the modern world, which could potentially leave them irrelevant. Therefore, it is essential to make technology integration a priority and to continuously explore and incorporate new technologies to ensure that students are adequately prepared.

Regarding the impact of technology on the future of education, Mr. Khan believes there will be significant transformations. For example, classrooms are likely to be “flipped,” where students will use technology platforms to learn and review lessons at home, while the classroom will serve as a space for collaborative work, conceptualisation, and project-based learning. This shift will enable more human interaction and socialisation among students. Therefore, he anticipates this to be a significant change in the education sector in the near future

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