Tuesday, June 25, 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz Attends Passing Out Parade Wearing ‘Elite Force Uniform’

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz was seen wearing a police uniform again as she attended the passing out parade for the province’s Elite Force. This is not the first time the Chief Minister has chosen to wear the police uniform, showing her support and solidarity with the law enforcement officers.

The event underscored the Chief Minister’s commitment to recognizing and strengthening the efforts of the Elite Force in maintaining law and order in Punjab. By donning the uniform, she aimed to boost the morale of the officers and demonstrate her hands-on approach to governance.

Her appearance was met with positive reactions, as it symbolized her dedication to the province’s security forces. The Chief Minister’s gesture was a clear message that she stands with the law enforcement community, acknowledging their hard work and the risks they take to keep Punjab safe.

During the parade, Maryam Nawaz praised the Elite Force for their bravery and dedication. She emphasized the importance of their role in ensuring the safety and security of the citizens. Her speech highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to support and equip the force with the necessary resources to perform their duties effectively.

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