Saturday, June 3, 2023

Coca Cola Becomes First Major Brand to Use AI in Commercial

Will the human world be replaced by AI?

To our surprise, Coca-Cola’s new ad predicts that this statement can be true in the near future. AI is taking over most of the platforms, and not much surprisingly, the current brand strategies have to move with it to stick to their market positions where they are now.

When we check the global brand ranking, Coca-Cola comes in under the top 5 most admired brands, and to stay in the spotlight, it has assigned an advertising budget of $4 billion annually.

Overviewing the popularity of decentralized AI technology, the company issued a description of its collaboration with OpenAI’s DALL-E2 model and ChatGPT for marketing campaigns. It was the first deal with Bain since the latter announced a partnership with OpenAI specifically to use its tools for marketing earlier in the year.

A recent commercial release is a true depiction of their collaborative artwork using artificial intelligence. This commercial, after its publication, has become the talk of the town, and a storm of people are getting fascinated by the digital effects and the idea of mixing human and AI models. This is truly a revolution in the market for advertising companies, giving them very tough competition.

Coca-Cola marketing agencies not only this time used AI, but they have been seen previously engaged in using AI in their vending machines and

This 1-minute, 52-second commercial is indeed a master piece in the world of marketing, and as the company is looking forward to placing their ad on billboards too, we are really excited to witness this amazing artwork there too.


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