Friday, May 20, 2022

Coeus Solutions Ltd announces a plan to invest in human capital & infrastructure growth

Coeus Solutions Ltd announced today a plan to expand their human resource by over 300 new team members ranging from technology operations to sales and marketing. It also announced a new building aquisition with over 10,000 sq feet of covered space as additional office space in Lahore, Pakistan.

The company previously announced a plan to list on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2022.

“We plan to grow our team massively in the next weeks, and the new office space is a part of the same expansion plans,” said Ahsan Naseem, CEO of Coeus Solutions Ltd. “Our people organization is our core focus. For this reason, we want to provide a flexible yet comfortable work environment to our team members, whether they want to work from home or in the office”.

Coeus Solutions has offices in Lahore and Berlin. It plans to expand its office locations in Lahore as well as set up new office locations in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, and other cities of Pakistan to tap into the talent in other cities. “We have a strong belief in the young talent of Pakistan. For this reason, we plan to expand aggressively in all major cities.”, added Anum Khan, Head of People Operations.

About Coeus Solutions Ltd:

Coeus Solutions Ltd was established in 2008 in Munich, Germany and Lahore, Pakistan. The company has maintained a strong presence in and focus on the German market. Its core foci are providing its clients with enterprise software solutions, particularly focused on people engagement and creating remote-work enabling environments. Coeus is the technology team behind the largest customer reviews and ratings platform in Germany, with over 30,000 customers across Europe.

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