Friday, September 22, 2023

‘Coke Studio’ Singer Asad Abbas Passed Away After Months of Struggle

Asad Abbas, a singer from Pakistan, was very sick because his kidneys were not working well. He needed a lot of money for his treatment. Sadly, he passed away on Tuesday after being sick for a long time.

Asad Abbas had to go to the hospital four times a week to get a special treatment called dialysis. He asked for help from the media, politicians, and the public because he needed money for a kidney transplant, which is a big operation. He thought he needed about Rs50 million to get better.

After he passed away, his Facebook account posted a message saying they hope he finds peace. Another singer named Sohail Haider also said he was very sad about Asad Abbas’ passing on Facebook.

Many other artists and people who liked him also shared their sadness and support. One actor, Adnan Siddiqui, asked everyone to help Asad Abbas because he was a good musician and needed money for his treatment. He said people should work together and give whatever they could to help Asad Abbas during this tough time.

Asad Abbas himself had asked for help from the public. He told them about his music achievements, like being part of Coke Studio season 6. He said he really needed money for the kidney operation.

Sadly, Asad Abbas passed away, leaving behind his music and a plea for help. This shows how hard it can be for artists when they are sick and need help.

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