Thursday, May 30, 2024

Coke Studio’s Song “Pasoori” Ranks on 3rd place on Global Spotify Chart

‘Pasoori’ was released a month ago, but people have been playing it ever since. The Coke Studio song has gone viral, inspiring covers, fan art, and a slew of TikToks. It stands to reason that the song that has been on repeat in everyone’s playlists has entered the worldwide charts and climbed to the top of Spotify’s list. It has also topped the Indian Spotify rankings, but none of this is surprising – the position is well earned, and everyone concerned is ecstatic.

Ali Sethi shared a screenshot of the global chart with a caption that linked the birth of ‘Pasoori’ to the full-fledged song one year later, demonstrating that Coke Studio producer Xulfi’s prediction came true.

“When Zulfiqar J. Khan heard this melody I’d sent him on a voice note a year ago, he assured me calmly that it will enter the global charts.” I laughed, drank my coffee, and forgot about it. This is what I woke up to today… Insanely pleased for Abdullah Siddiqui, Shae Gill, Sherry Khattak, and Zulfiqar J. Khan — many many congratulations to them, and an EDDA VADDA [very large] thank you to all you lovers — dildaars [beloveds] and sab yaars [all pals] — who are pow-ing this #pasoori at the GLOB

Despite having foreseen it, Xulfi was taken aback by the news and deeply appreciative. “Speechless. Even though it was part of our desire for our music, Pakistani music, to reach the worldwide charts, seeing it happen in reality has completely blown me away. All of us were taken aback. Allah ka shukar hai [Thank you, Allah]. Thank you so much for your unending support for music. Infinite. Congratulations, team!”

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