Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Concave AGRI Creating Impact for Small Scale Farmers

Concave AGRI, a leading platform revolutionizing the agricultural sector in Pakistan, recently celebrated two successful years of operations. The platform has made significant strides in transforming the agricultural landscape by providing farmers with high-quality seeds, inputs, machinery, and valuable advisory support. Through innovative initiatives like Kissan Dukan outlets, Kissan Madadgar helpline, and digital platforms, Concave AGRI has become a trusted partner in empowering farmers and enhancing agricultural productivity across the country.

Concave AGRI’s mission is to uplift Pakistan’s agricultural sector by introducing cutting-edge solutions and modern technologies. By addressing the challenges faced by farmers, the platform aims to empower them with necessary resources and expert guidance. Through a focus on the needs of farmers and support for their agricultural endeavors, Concave AGRI aims to improve prosperity and contribute to the growth of the sector.

The establishment of Kissan Dukan outlets across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has been instrumental in facilitating farmers with high-quality seeds, inputs, and machinery. This direct access to reliable agricultural resources has significantly improved farming practices’ efficiency and yields. Additionally, Concave AGRI has streamlined order fulfilment through WhatsApp and expanded its presence to other areas, ensuring wider accessibility for farmers.

The Kissan Madadgar helpline, along with the availability of the Concave AGRI mobile application, WhatsApp support, YouTube videos, and social media platforms, enables farmers to seek real-time advisory services for their agricultural concerns. Qualified agriculture experts from the platform visit farms, offering personalized guidance and support, further strengthening their relationship with the farming community.

The platform goes beyond supporting farmers in their production processes and focuses on establishing linkages between farmers and consumers. By facilitating the marketing and distribution of farmers’ produce, Concave AGRI ensures fair prices for farmers’ products and provides consumers with fresh and high-quality agricultural produce. This integrated supply chain benefits both parties and contributes to the agricultural economy’s overall growth. Currently, they are making A1 quality mangoes available to consumers through their Kissan Karobar brand.

The company has also established Climate Smart Farms in partnership with farmers for achieving modern agriculture goals including; conversion of barren land holdings into productive assets, exercising farm level intensification of crops for achieving diversification & and sustainable farming along with promotion of climate resilient farming practices.

Throughout its two-year journey, Concave AGRI has formed strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Collaborations with government institutions, research organizations, and industry leaders have expanded the platform’s reach and offered comprehensive support to farmers. These partnerships have facilitated the development of innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of Pakistani farmers, enhancing the effectiveness of Concave AGRI’s services.

What sets Concave AGRI apart from its competitors is its commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for farmers. From the supply of quality inputs to expert advisory services and market access, the platform ensures comprehensive support throughout farmers’ agricultural journey. This holistic approach contributes to the sustainable growth and success of farmers across Pakistan.

As Concave AGRI celebrates its two-year milestone, it continues to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s agricultural sector. The platform’s dedication to innovation, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive support solidify its position as a catalyst for positive change in the agriculture sector. Concave AGRI’s commitment to empowering farmers, coupled with its focus on technological advancements, positions it as a driving force in transforming Pakistan’s agriculture sector for years to come.

For more information about Concave AGRI and its services, visit their website at or contact the Kissan Madadgar helpline at 051 111 547 726.

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