Friday, April 19, 2024

Concave AGRI’s Launch of Annual Impact Report for the Year 2023

Concave AGRI, a leading agricultural technology company in Pakistan, has released its second annual impact report for the year 2023. The report showcases the company’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices and solutions in the country’s agricultural sector.

Concave AGRI has significantly impacted various Sustainable Development Goals. The company’s commitment to eradicating poverty, ensuring food security, promoting health and well-being, fostering quality education, empowering women, conserving water, adopting clean energy, generating decent work opportunities, driving innovation, and partnering for global goals aligns with the broader vision of sustainable development.

In 2023, Concave AGRI focused on achieving twelve significant goals for sustainable development, including improving farmers’ lives, ensuring food security, promoting health and wellness, educating farmers, ensuring fair treatment, providing clean water, using clean energy, creating jobs, promoting innovation, responsible production, preserving land and biodiversity, and fostering global partnerships.

Furthermore, with the launch of initiatives like AgriCast, Hum aur Hamari Zaraat, and Kissan Madadgar’s user-friendly mobile app, Concave AGRI has extended its reach and commitment to empowering farmers and enthusiasts through accessible information and support.

To provide comprehensive solutions and services to farmers, the company collaborated with esteemed entities such as Bank Alfalah, Evyol Group, IBA, Bank Al Habib, Salaam Takaful, ACIAR, IMSciences, KOPIA and Spurt International, which were instrumental in driving innovation and sustainability across the agricultural sector.

Concave AGRI has achieved success in addressing and incorporating twelve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the year 2023, in contrast to only 9 Sustainable Development Goals in 2022. In addition to this, the company received the esteemed P@SHA Award for Best in Agriculture (Inclusion & Community) services, highlighting their dedication to providing comprehensive services and setting an industry benchmark for sustainable and inclusive development.

Looking ahead, Concave AGRI aims to seek collaboration with the government to develop evidence-based policies for sustainable agriculture, foster the effective use of data-driven farming in Pakistan to address pricing and production issues faced by farmers, mitigate climate challenges through the implementation of regenerative machinery, and prioritize the well-being of smallholder farmers to enhance livelihoods. Concave AGRI stands as a beacon of innovation and dedication in transforming Pakistan’s agricultural landscape. Through its initiatives like Kissan Madadgar, Kissan Karobar, Kissan Dukan, ClimateCare, AgriSense, and partnerships with numerous strategic entities, the company remains dedicated to its mission of uplifting farmers, fostering sustainability, and driving inclusive growth within Pakistan’s agricultural sector. For more information, Click Here to access the full report.

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