Monday, July 22, 2024

Confiz Broadens Its Car Financing Program to Include Principal Software Engineers and Associate Managers 

Confiz, a leading technology company, has announced a new addition to its employee benefits program by expanding its “Confiz on Wheels” initiative, an interest-free car financing option, to include its Principal Software Engineers and Associate Managers.  

Confiz on Wheels signifies Confiz’s commitment to addressing the evolving economic situation where the cost of owning a car is rising steadily. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to investing in its employees, ensuring their financial well-being, and giving them further relief by easing the burden of car ownership.  

This initiative aims to empower employees by providing them with an affordable and convenient way to own a car, thus significantly improving their standard of living. 

Traditionally, car financing opportunities within the company were limited to managerial roles and above. These positions came with various tiers of allowances that could be utilized to finance a new company-sponsored car, with the allowance increasing as employees excelled in their ranks. 

However, starting from the new fiscal year, Confiz has now expanded this benefit to Principal Software Engineers and Associate Managers, reinforcing the importance of mobility, affordability, and employee well-being. 

Speaking on the initiative, Affan Aijaz, Head of People and Culture at Confiz said, “Confiz is proud of its ‘Confiz on Wheels,’ initiative, dedicated to making our colleague’s quality of life better as we understand that mobility and affordability are vital to their well-being. This initiative perfectly mirrors our core values of economic empowerment, employee welfare and empathy, promising to elevate our workforce’s well-being.’ 

Following the announcement of the policy, the first car has already been given to Mubasher Saifullah, a Principal Software Engineer at Confiz.  Mubasher applied for a brand-new Suzuki Alto and successfully received it in September. Speaking on the milestone, Mubasher said, 

“Confiz’s new initiative has played a crucial role in helping me reach this milestone. It’s a great motivator for me to keep progressing in my career and is a tangible reminder that hard work and dedication truly pays off.” 

It’s commendable for companies like Confiz to broaden their employee satisfaction initiatives and empower them economically so that their workforce can thrive both personally and professionally. 

As the company expands its operations and endeavors to impact the tech industry positively, it remains dedicated to providing outstanding employee benefits as it continues to grow and hire more people through its career portal

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