Monday, July 22, 2024

Confiz Employees Receive Cost-of-Living Adjustment Allowance Amid Rising Inflation

Committed to reinforcing empathy as its core value, Confiz, a global technology services and solutions company, has introduced a Cost-of-Living-Adjustment (COLA) incentive to help its employees battle high inflation. 

The increased cost of living due to the present economic crisis is a growing concern for individuals across Pakistan. Confiz has come forward as an organization that empathizes with its employees and wants to improve their standard of living. This COLA incentive is introduced to help all employees manage the increasing costs of everyday necessities and reduce their financial burden in the battle against rising inflation. 

With a deep focus on equity, this incentive aims to provide fair and equitable bonuses to all, regardless of their job title or position. The percentage of COLA offered to each employee is proportional to their base salary, which means the lower an employee’s base salary, the higher the incentive. With this approach, Confiz has promoted greater financial security and fostered a culture of equity. 

Confiz is among those few employee-centric organizations that truly empathize with its employees. As a result, the company will provide the COLA incentive twice in 2023 to help its employees stay ahead of rising inflation and cope with the financial pressures of daily life. 

While speaking on the vision behind the initiative, Affan Aijaz, Global Director of People & Culture at Confiz, said, “At Confiz, our investment reaches far beyond the mere bounds of business—it extends wholeheartedly to our most valued asset, our people. As we navigate the turbulent waters of inflation, a challenge that has left no one untouched, we introduce our COLA initiative. This is not merely a response, but a testament of our empathy, a demonstration that we hold our team members’ financial well-being in the highest regard. We are steadfast in our commitment to support them and stand with them in these demanding times.” 

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Raza Saeed, the CEO of Confiz, said, “Taking care of our people is a top priority for us at Confiz. We want to do everything possible to alleviate this burden. By providing the COLA incentive, not once, but twice a year, we aim to empower our employees to maintain their financial stability while continuing to flourish in their personal and professional lives.” 

This new initiative is just one example of Confiz’s ongoing efforts to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and rewarded for their contributions. 

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