Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Confiz Joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Confiz, a global technology giant with multiple Fortune 100 customers in retail, CPG, and other verticals, has joined the Google Cloud Partner program. This collaboration is a big win for Confiz, as partnering with a market leader like Google helps it reinforce success across business models in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. 

“AI technologies fuel industry-wide digital change, and innovation cannot continue without access to specialists in these fields. Confiz’s partnership with Google Cloud demonstrates its commitment to assisting clients in transforming their businesses using machine learning in the cloud,” said Aitezaz Sheikh, Vice President of Engineering at Confiz. 

By partnering with Google Cloud, Confiz extends its support to businesses by giving them the know-how and tools necessary to switch to a contemporary cloud-based model, which will lower operating costs and boost IT efficiency. 

For Confiz, the Google Cloud Partnership means that the organization has undergone a rigorous evaluation process from Google regarding its technical proficiency with GCP data analytics and machine learning services. Moreover, it validates Confiz’s track record of success in assisting clients in fostering long-term growth in their companies by utilizing these services. 

Confiz intends to advance its goal of building a tech ecosystem that connects individuals and companies at the nexus of technology and humanity by working with Google Cloud. Through this, the tech leader plans to utilize a wide range of Google technologies to further their corporate expansion plans and commitment to constant innovation. 

While elaborating on the vision behind the partnership, Aitezaz stated, “Confiz is taking several strategic measures to boost its growth, one of which is our partnership with Google. We are proud to collaborate with a reputable industry leader and hope to use Google’s extensive technical expertise and investments to advance digital transformation across businesses.” 

This collaboration marks one of the many steps Confiz has taken to bring technology-fueled solutions to enterprises. For Confiz, this achievement paves the way to further investing in and implementing strategies that empower its customers to enhance outcomes and quality while reducing expenses. 

About Confiz: 

Confiz is a global technology service and solutions company catering to small, medium, and large enterprises, with multiple fortune 100 customers in retail, CPG, and other verticals. Over the last 16 years, with 700+ resources globally & 185+ dedicated resources with D365 expertise, we have aimed to foster a culture of pragmatic problem-solving, innovation, and empathy. We connect businesses with technology as we thrive on our customers’ success, understand their toughest challenges, and are ever ready to lead, support, or inspire the journey to business transformation! 

Strategic alliances with Microsoft, Google, Amazon AWS, and accolades like Microsoft Partner of the year 2017 are some of the testaments to our expertise in delivering digital transformation. Their expertise includes cloud, data analytics, business intelligence, and footfall analytics solutions, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, and bespoke development and consulting services. 

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