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Consumer Court Imposed Rs. 1.3 Million Fine on Pakistan Post for Failing to Deliver Document

A consumer court in Pakistan has fined Pakistan Post over Rs1.3 million for failing to deliver an important document to Lincoln’s Inn in the UK. This decision came after lawyer Ahrar Jawaid filed a lawsuit under the Sindh Consumer Protection Act 2014. He claimed that Pakistan Post was negligent and provided faulty services, which caused him significant losses.

Jawaid had booked a crucial document with Pakistan Post for his Call of the Bar Ceremony at Lincoln’s Inn. Unfortunately, the document was not delivered on time, which caused him to miss the important event. Due to this failure, Jawaid suffered various financial and personal losses.

The court ruled in favor of Jawaid, ordering Pakistan Post to pay Rs246,909 to cover the cost of air tickets. In addition to this, the court awarded him Rs1 million in damages for the distress and inconvenience caused by the missed ceremony. Moreover, the court also granted Jawaid Rs60,000 to cover the costs of filing the lawsuit.

The court’s decision highlighted the importance of reliable service, especially when dealing with critical and time-sensitive documents. If Pakistan Post fails to comply with the court’s order, it could face further penalties. Specifically, there is a possibility of one month’s imprisonment for the responsible officials and an additional fine of Rs50,000.

Jawaid’s case underscores the significance of consumer rights and the need for accountability in public services. His successful lawsuit serves as a reminder that consumers can seek legal redress when services fail to meet the expected standards. The court’s ruling sends a strong message to service providers about the consequences of negligence and inadequate service delivery.

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