Sunday, May 28, 2023

Controversial decision over Saud’s dismissal sparks debate on umpire

In the final over before lunch, Saud Shakeel, batting at position 94, flicked the ball to keeper Ollie Pope.He dove low to his right and gobbled it up. Aleem signalled subtly. Wilson considered it for some time before finally giving out.

The videos showed that some part of the ball was touching the grass. The cricket fraternity is furious over the controversial decision and thinks that it must have been given, not made.

“I’m not sure what Joel Wilson saw in that, but I feel that the ball was clearly touching the ground.” “There was nothing underneath it,” Waqar Younis said during the commentary.

“You could argue that the gloves were on the ball, not necessarily under the ball, and a bit of the ball was touching the grass,” Mike Atherton said.Ex-England captain Michael Vaughan also agreed that some part of the ball was on the ground.

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