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Cotton Bale Production Is Expected To Reach 8.46 Million This Year

Pakistan’s overall cotton production is estimated to exceed 8.46 million bales this year, according to the Cotton Crop Assessment Committee.

Syed Fakhar Imam, Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, presided over a meeting of the Cotton Crop Assessment Committee on Wednesday. Cotton growers, provincial agriculture agencies, groups, and senior NFS&R officials were also present at the meeting.

This season, the province of Sindh expected to produce 3.5 million bales, according to the conference. He was informed that the weather this season has been significantly better than the previous season, and that overall production is likely to improve due to less rainfall.

Cotton production in Punjab is estimated to reach 4.5 million bales this year, up 8.5 percent from the previous year. The total amount of cotton produced is estimated to be 8.46 million bales.

It was revealed that the year 2020 witnessed 398.6mm of rain, which had a disastrous effect on output, however this year’s rainfall was only 78.6mm, which has boosted the overall production prospects. Furthermore, it was reported that Mealybug, Whitefly, and CLCuV attacks were still prevalent, posing a threat to cotton production.

According to Fakhar, the government will be proactive in providing excellent seed to farmers. After eight years, the current administration set an intervention price of Rs. 5000 per 40kg, which encouraged growers to engage in crop management and reap high yields, according to the minister.

He added that the government did remarkably well in the previous season, with Pakistan having the highest production in the top five crops, including wheat, with a record production of 27.5 million tons.

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