Saturday, July 13, 2024

Countries Run on Taxes, Not Charity: Finance Minister Aurangzeb

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb extended warm Eid greetings to the nation and visited Kamalia, where he met with local farmers and businessmen to discuss the region’s achievements and challenges. During his visit, he emphasized the importance of taxes over charity for the prosperity of a country.

Aurangzeb highlighted the positive agricultural and industrial growth in Kamalia, noting that the area has shown promising development. He reiterated the principles he outlined in his budget speech, stressing that while charity is essential for supporting schools, universities, and hospitals, the financial health of a country’s treasury relies on taxes. He explained that taxes are crucial for funding public services and infrastructure, which are necessary for sustained economic growth.

The Finance Minister also spoke about the current state of the nation’s economy, affirming that it is on a path of improvement. He pointed out the importance of having a balanced economic system to maintain and support this growth. Aurangzeb stressed that a fair tax system is vital for ensuring that the government has the resources it needs to invest in critical areas such as education, healthcare, and public infrastructure.

During his discussions with the farmers and businessmen in Kamalia, Aurangzeb listened to their concerns and shared insights on how the government plans to address the challenges they face. He assured them that the government is committed to creating a supportive environment for both agriculture and industry, recognizing their essential roles in the economy.

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