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Couple Drowns in Nile River While Preparing for Wedding

In Egypt, a young man drowned while trying to save his fiancée from drowning. Rescuers have recovered the bodies of the couple who drowned in the Nile River.

According to the port, a young man and a girl drowned in the waters of the Nile River when they were going to reserve a wedding hall in which they decided to hold their engagement ceremony.
During the journey, the girl’s foot slipped, and she drowned in the river. The boy jumped behind her to save her, but instead of saving the girl, he drowned himself.

River rescue forces have recovered the bodies of a young man and his fiancee who drowned in the Waters of the Nile River in daqaliya governorate in northern Egypt.
The accident happened when they were on their way to book a hall for the engagement ceremony.

Immediately after the incident, officers from the Investigation Unit of Mansoura First Police Department and River Rescue Forces reached the spot.
Both the bodies were shifted to the mortuary of The International Hospital in Mansura and the necessary report of the incident was released.

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