Saturday, April 20, 2024

Court Fines Rs. 48000 to Tailer on Failure to Deliver Dress on Time

The owner of a tailoring business was sentenced by a consumer court on Thursday to pay a citizen Rs48,000 in restitution for causing him “mental agony and inconvenience” by failing to deliver his clothes on time.

The magistrate ordered the owner of the tailor shop to pay Rs. 3,500 for the unstitched dress, Rs. 4,500 for a new dress he had to purchase later, Rs. 5,00 as travel expenses, Rs. 5,00 for numerous visits to the shop, Rs. 20,000 for physical discomfort, mental agony, and inconvenience, and Rs. 10,000 for legal costs.

The store owner was charged of not stitching and delivering Muhammad Faheem’s outfit in time for Eid ul Fitr. Muhammad Faheem, a lawyer, went to court and demanded more than Rs1 million in damages and compensation from the shop owner.

After taking notes on the evidence and the complainant’s attorney’s arguments, judicial magistrate Fahmida Sahoowal of the Consumer Protection Court (East) issued her decision. In light of the respondent’s absence throughout the proceedings, she made her decision.

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