Friday, May 24, 2024

Cricketer Bismah Noor Wins Heart as she Arrives at the Stadium with Baby in Arms

Despite the fact that the girls in green lost their ICC Women’s World Cup match against India, team skipper Bismah Maroof has surely won the internet! A photo of the cricketer coming at the stadium with her six-month-old has gone popular on social media, with users praising the captain’s commitment to the game and her family.

Bismah gave birth to her daughter in August of last year, and her daughter made her stadium debut in New Zealand during Pakistan’s match against India.

Several Twitter users praised Bismah for balancing parenthood and her cricketing career gracefully, with one user saying, “A very powerful picture of how a hand that rocks the cradle can also carry a bat.” Bismah Maroof, thank you for paving the way. “Continue to shine.”

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