Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo Used to Throw his Boots When He Fails to Score: Gareth Bale

During his time playing for Real Madrid alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, former Wales star Gareth Bale revealed that Ronaldo would occasionally express frustration by angrily throwing his boots in the dressing room if he didn’t score in a game, even if their team had won by a large margin, like 5-0.

Bale shared this information during an interview on Martin Borgmeier’s YouTube channel, saying, “He was generally fine. He had his moments. For example, if we won 5-0 and he didn’t score, he would come in and throw his boots as if he were angry. It’s like when your team wins in the Ryder Cup but you didn’t score any points, so you feel upset.”

However, Bale also emphasized that Ronaldo was a nice person overall, and they didn’t have any major issues during their time together. While some people might be intimidated by Ronaldo’s behavior, Bale stated, “Many people might feel scared of how he is, but if you’re not, then everything is fine.”

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