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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Comment on Mbappé’s Post Now the Most Liked Instagram Comment Ever

Cristiano Ronaldo’s comment on Kylian Mbappé’s Instagram post has set a new record for the most liked comment on the platform. After Mbappé announced his move to Real Madrid, Ronaldo left a comment expressing his excitement and wishing Mbappé success at his new club. This heartfelt message quickly went viral, amassing over 4.1 million likes and breaking all previous records for Instagram comments.

Mbappé’s transfer to Real Madrid also made a huge impact on social media. His announcement became the second most liked transfer post on the platform now known as X, formerly Twitter.

The official announcement by Real Madrid received 923,000 likes, making it one of the most popular posts in the club’s history. This figure is only surpassed by the announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, which remains the most liked transfer post.

The online buzz surrounding Mbappé’s move highlights the significant influence of social media in modern football. Fans from around the world took to the platforms to share their excitement and support for Mbappé and Real Madrid. Ronaldo’s record-breaking comment further underscores his enduring popularity and the strong connection he has with football fans globally.

This remarkable social media activity not only celebrates Mbappé’s promising future at Real Madrid but also showcases the power of platforms like Instagram and X in bringing together millions of fans to engage with their favorite players and teams. As Mbappé begins his new journey with Real Madrid, the overwhelming support from fans and fellow players like Ronaldo suggests a bright and successful chapter ahead for the young French striker.

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