Thursday, July 25, 2024

Crowd Chants, “Pakistan Da pawa, Babar Lawa” in Skipper’s Support

Latest slogan of social media “Lahore da pawa, Akhtar Lawa” has reached to the cricket ground too recently when fans praised skipper of Pakistan Babar Azam and shouted “Pakistan da pawa, Babar lawa” in between the second Test against English team.

The trendy slogan “Lahore da pawa, Akhtar lawa” which roughly means as “Pillar of Lahore, Akhtar Lawa” and belongs to Lahore-based businessman-politician Akhtar Lawa, who became famous because of his comic yet energetic style of stating it in TikTok videos.

Various videos and memes of a businessman is circulating all over the social media.

However, the spectators of the skipper copied it and customised it for him in order to show the support. They chanted, “Pakistan da pawa, Babar lawa”.

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