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CrowdFunding Platforms in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country with a great passion of growth. Technology has entered in almost every sector of Pakistan as it has boomed in the best possible way since the past years.

However, now the technology is tremendously gaining an edge because people have started adopting the latest technology in their routine work.

The rapid increase in technology is also due to the internet, where the connectivity services of internet are expanding throughout the world with the newly added 5G technology also that has been introduced recently.

Due to the rapid development and implementation of technology, there is no part of the world that is left where the technological advancement has not made its way.

According to the reports, not only the corporate but the house is also incomplete without technology where we have numerous electric devices as well as smart equipment. In the same way the use of mobile phones and laptops is also essential in todays’ era.

Crowdfunding Pakistan


Crowdfunding is also becoming very common in Pakistan. Most common search regarding this is crowdunding meaning. So,the answer to the question of what is crowdfunding? Is that it is a fund in terms of venture or a project that raised money from about a large number of people who contributes individually in terms of a relatively small amount that Is collected typically through the internet.

Reaching out to people has become very easy due to crowdfunding in Pakistan whereas raising funds or working for the well-being of others is now possible via internet also. Crowdfunding is legal in Pakistan as it becomes legal since 2017.

Technology also plays a vital role for the ones who are a part of social well-being community now because of the crowdfunding. The crowdfunding platforms also help to connect majority of the people to raise funds and help others to get benefit from it.

Crowd funding that is also known as fundraising is one of the most appreciated way to ask others for help or to ask them to join hands and help people in need.

The platform for virtual fundraising is appreciated by almost every society worldwide.  Technology is currently aiding the social welfare organizations in many ways as to join hands and to ask people for more help.

Organizations for CrowdFunding

Crowdfunding Organizations plays a significant role. There are many groups of people who work for a social cause. These teams are basically based on the professionals who deal in the processing with the procedures of raising funds for the needy ones and to get the better result.

However, many organizations are linked with the legal authorities that offer their services to facilitate the human well-being.

To provide a better living or to save this world and make it a better place to live. These organizations are in millions and are working on various causes for the betterment of mankind. The help provided by these types of organizations are based on donation that is gathered from different parts of the world.

The global network is possible with the help of technology because everyone is integrated through it and it is really helpful in making the better results.

Crowdfunding Platforms in Pakistan

It is allowed in Pakistan; however, the crowdfunding websites in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Seedout
  • Transparent Hands
  • Care Foundation
  • Pink ribbon
  • TCF

There are other fund raising platforms in Pakistan that includes, Edhi Foundation, Chhipa Welfare, Aurat Foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, Ehsas, Khushal Pakistan, ShaukatKhanu Cancer Hospital,Fatimid Foundation and Fauji Foundation along with the Transparent Hands foundation. Door of awareness is also one of the platforms for crowd-funding.



Seedout is among the top Online Crowdfunding Platforms in Pakistan. It is a registered non-profit organization with an aims of maximizing the impact of Islamic compliant microfinance via their crowdfunding platform.

This platform helps to fund directly to a micro-entrepreneurs just by helping the nation to reduce the poverty rate and sustainably through providing new opportunities of job and creating jobs, creating the economic stability and raising entrepreneurs.

Seedout is an innovative micro-funding platform where you can easily submit your donation, sadaqah, and zakat; however, it will be delivered to the entrepreneurs whom you will choose, along with the proper training as well as the guidance to them.

There is no chance of any mistake because your donations create a real impact as these donations arenot given in terms of cash to the entrepreneurs; however, a proper business is started for them by the donations.

The micro-financing or funding process here is very simple. You just need to browse the profiles of entrepreneurs and just need to fund them directly for their startups or for the growth of their businesses; meanwhile, you can also see their progress.

Transparent Hands


Transparent Hands is also among the top online Crowdfunding Platforms of Pakistan. Transparent Hands Trust has helped many to save their lives as it has healed thousands of sick and is still helping other to recover by giving them a happy, healthy and a complete life once again.

This all happened because the trust pays the medical bills of the poor people of Pakistan who are unable to afford any kind of their medical surgeries and also pay for other medical issues.

Transparent Hands Charity Trust is also known for the crowdfunding organization and it is also the first online Crowdfunding platform in Pakistan’s health care sector. This platform also strives to provide best surgical treatments to many underprivileged patients.

This platform also uses its web portal to connect million and billions of donors worldwide to help them in funding for the surgeries of patients.

Care Foundation

Care Foundation is also one of the Online Crowdfunding Platforms in Pakistan. Their Founder, Seema Aziz, went to the areas that were the flood affected zones in 1988 to assist individuals with reconstruct their homes.

She saw that kids were wandering the roads unreservedly during the day. She later discovered that there was no school for those kids there. These youngsters had been denied of a fundamental right. Being a quiet spectator wasn’t going to address anything.

The first school of CARE was opened in 1988 on Sheikhupura Road, in the Pakistani region of Punjab. On the very beginning, more than 250 youngsters had arranged outside, scarcely dressed yet anxious to learn. One school transformed into a few more.

These school kids were more capable than the private school kids because they showed interest in learning. Additionally, they are beating their board tests and contending in Model UN Conferences.

Pink Ribbon


In 1997, an American citizen launched a website where all the people suffering from breast cancer were integrated. This website was launched to raise awareness as well as funding for the breast cancer patients.

This initiative was expanded by becoming a non-profit network as Pink Ribbon Inc. in the New York. The aim for this platform was to define and launch the idea of an international charity platform for the breast cancer awareness as well as funding.

This initiative crossed the international borders and now it is also a crowdfunding platform for breast cancer patients in Pakistan also; however, it is covering more than 30 countries and over 5 continents of the World.


The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is one of the great crowdfunding platform in Pakistan also. The journey of its thousand schools began when this single idea turned as a global movement.

TCF embraces government schools across Pakistan in a bid to improve enrolment and nature of training through its Government Schools Program (GSP). TCF wins The Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the esteemed World Economic Forum (WEF).

TCF starts the Alumni Development Program (ADP) to help TCF graduated class in their groundwork for and application to top of the line Universities in Pakistan. TCF has also built 141 schools for peace.

In order to provide the guidance to students on academic as well as career path options, the TCF rolls out its new Career Counseling Programme. TCF also wins the Qatar Foundation International WISE Award. TCF also joins the local areas of worldwide pioneers at the Clinton Global Initiative. TCF joins the country in loaning some assistance to the Sindh flood affected people.

TCF starts its awarding alumni scholarships as promised to its students. It gets recognized for the best management practices of the organization through the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Award.

Pakistan is accelerating in the crowdfunding platforms and the people are also trusting as well as appreciating such platforms. Pakistan is the Islamic Republic State where most of the people donate and give zakat or charity for the sake of help to the needy ones.

As per the religious perspective people donate money to the poor ones and these organizations helps those needy people through the funds and donations. The websites of these platforms have made it really simple for people to donate and help others for their betterment and for the betterment of the nation.

People contributing for health, education, food, and house are basically fulfilling the dreams of the poor ones through their hands.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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