Monday, April 15, 2024

Cruise Will Bring Its Self-Driving Taxis to Dubai in 2023

The majority-owned Cruise self-driving car subsidiary announced on Monday that it will begin deploying its robotaxis in Dubai in 2023, signalling that the company is more optimistic about launching its first commercial service in San Francisco sooner.

In a joint statement, Dubai’s Road and Transit Authority and Cruise announced that Cruise will launch a limited number of its purpose-built Cruise Origin vehicles in the emirate in 2023, making it the first city outside of the United States to do so.

Cruise and Dubai’s transportation authority have claimed that 4,000 self-driving taxis will be operational by 2030. Until 2029, Cruise will be the only robotaxi service provider in the emirate.

Cruise and GM executives have stated that the commercial service would begin in San Francisco, the startup’s hometown, before spreading elsewhere. The company did not say when it expects to launch its ride-hailing service in San Francisco on Monday, saying it will be dependent on when its automated vehicles are deemed secured.

According to GM filings, when Cruise’s autonomous vehicles are able to transport people or goods for a fee, the firm will receive another $1.35 billion from minority investor Softbank.

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