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Customer Reported another Fraud Alert on Social Media for receiving a box full of trash from ‘’ instead of a Mobile Phone

Recently a customer of has reported a fraud alert post on an official page of ‘Voice of Customer’ that is on the biggest platform of Facebook.

According to the author of the post named “Mahnoor Tai,” she has posted the news on the behalf of someone known to her. However, the post is regarding receiving an empty box by instead of a mobile phone.

Tai has stated that her known person had ordered a mobile phone via Daraz and for that, the payment was done in advance through a credit card. They received the package today and after unboxing the parcel, they came up by having nothing but a box full of trash, like torn pieces of a carton in it and no mobile phone which the customer had ordered from

It has also been highlighted that the contact number of the sender written on the parcel is fake because when the receiver called on the given number of the sender, that person had no clue of what parcel the receiver is talking about.

The contact number of the sender has been shared by the receiver in the post; moreover, the pictures of the parcel with no such mobile (ordered product) in it were also attached.


The author of the Facebook post has used this platform to get help from someone officially working in like the one who can seriously look into this matter and can resolve it as soon as possible.

Ordering online has become common in Pakistan; however, the customer had her first experience of ordering something from that not came out to be a counterfeit product but the box has nothing in it. The customer highlighted this act of online shopping as her mistake and is not willing to buy anything from in the future if they won’t resolve their issue.

Tai, has requested to get connected to any official representative of so that the customer could get the mobile that she had ordered while paying for it in advance.

The issues regarding receiving counterfeit products through online websites is becoming common in the country, but people are still willing to purchase the products online in order to save their time and efforts.

According to the updates, the team of has contacted her but the customer is still worried as if her issue is going to get resolved or not. Moreover, she is also considerate as if the lack of management will get better in the future or not.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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