Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Customs Seizes 1,000 Imported Mobile Phones, PlayStations Worth Rs. 100 Million

At the Lahore Airport, Pakistan Customs seized more than 1,000 expensive imported mobile phones, drones, and PlayStations valued at $100 million.

According to sources, a father and his kid were traveling from Abu Dhabi to Lahore on flight number EY-241 when the customs authorities led by AC Customs Sobia Azam seized the electronic devices, including 1,044 mobile phones I 11, I 12, I 13, etc.), drones, and five play stations.

According to the sources, the seized products and electronics are worth more over Rs100 million. They said that passengers attempted to clear illicit items with the help of a notorious customs superintendent, but the attempt was thwarted by customs officials.

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