Thursday, July 25, 2024

Cyclone Developing in Arabian Sea ‘Could Hit’ Karachi

Weather department has warned Karachi of a cyclone that can hit Karachi within the next 24 hours. A low-pressure area has formed above Arabian Sea which can trigger cyclonic circulations, however, none of the areas are under threat.

Dr. Sardar Sarfraz, Chief Meteorological Officer, stated that a low-pressure area has resulted above Southeast Arabian Sea at longitude 66.0 E and latitude 11.0 N. The cyclone can initiate at almost 1,550 km south or southwest of Karachi.

The meteorological office is analyzing the situation and currently, no coastal areas are being warned of threat. Moreover, it is expected that favorable meteorological conditions might result in forming a depression moving in northwest direction.

If the low-pressure area does not form a cyclonic storm, it will be referred to as Cyclone Biparjoy, a name given by Bangladesh.

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