Monday, July 22, 2024

Dairy Farmers Want Milk Price to be Fixed at Rs300/Litre in Karachi

Dairy and cattle farmers in Karachi are calling for a substantial increase in milk prices, proposing an additional Rs80 per litre. Initially, the farmers had agreed to keep the price at Rs220 per litre until December 2024. However, they now want to revoke this agreement and set a new price of Rs300 per litre.

The farmers’ association has officially submitted their request to the Karachi Commissioner, seeking an official notification to endorse the proposed price hike.

This request is driven by the rising costs associated with dairy farming, including feed, maintenance, and transportation. These increasing expenses have negatively impacted the farmers’ profitability and their ability to meet market demands.

The farmers argue that the current price does not reflect the true costs of production. Over the past year, the prices of essential supplies and services needed for dairy farming have risen significantly. Feed costs have surged, maintenance expenses have increased, and transportation costs have escalated due to higher fuel prices.

All these factors have combined to create a financial strain on dairy farmers, making it difficult for them to sustain their operations at the current milk price.

By raising the price to Rs300 per litre, the farmers aim to cover their increased costs and ensure the viability of their businesses.

They believe that without this price adjustment, they will struggle to continue producing and supplying milk to the market. The proposed price hike is seen as a necessary step to safeguard the local dairy industry and ensure a steady supply of milk to consumers.

In their request to the Karachi Commissioner, the farmers emphasized the importance of fair pricing in maintaining the sustainability of dairy farming. They stressed that the price increase would help them cope with the economic challenges they face and allow them to continue providing high-quality milk to the public.

The decision now rests with the Karachi Commissioner, who will review the farmers’ proposal and decide whether to approve the new price of Rs300 per litre. This development highlights the ongoing challenges in the agricultural sector and the need for balanced solutions that support both farmers and consumers.

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