Saturday, April 20, 2024

DarazMall contributing successfully to the growth of online shopping malls in Pakistan

Pakistan’s e-commerce platforms are growing at a fast pace; however; there are several online shopping malls in Pakistan like dMall, OLX Mall, Telemart, and Homeshopping that are contributing successfully to the economy of the country.

According to the source of DarazMall, 1500+ local and international brands have been registered on Pakistani online malls up till now. Approximately 5% of brands on DarazMall are international brands estimating 40 brands in total that are serving the international products in Pakistan; whereas, local brands are also excelling via online sales.

A major shift from traditional ways of shopping to online shopping has been observed during the pandemic of COVID-19 whereas, dMall has played its vital role in serving the economy with not only the essential items but almost every item in need.

The statistics shared by the official source depict that 117% Buyer’s Growth has been recorded during the FY20 vs. FY21. 532,631 items delivered in FY20 followed by 855,660 in FY21. All-in-all, the Order Growth has also been recorded at 107% in FY20 vs. FY21.

The significance of the online shopping platform has gained popularity with the authenticity of the brands and items sold on the online platform. It has also been unveiled that the Brand Assortment has achieved 162% of the growth rate in DarazMall where the set of unique brands on the platform has increased the sales that have become a noticeable factor of contributing to online shopping in Pakistan.

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