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Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Models and Features

Achieving the title of the number one brand of home appliances of the country for a number of decades, Dawlance has proven to be a reliable and prolific innovator, launching and manufacturing devices that fulfill its customer’s demand and make them trust its reliability.

Dawlance has a huge research Centre where it turns the new, modern, and need of time devices in shape that fits its client’s demand.

It has raised its standards in the field of modern technological home device making, becoming Pakistan’s number one home appliance brand, along with a large web of associates, making its accessibility easy around the country.

Dawlance is Arçelik’s owned subsidiary; it is the largest home appliance brand in turkey and the second-largest producer of home appliances in Europe. It has made its name in the fields of extensive research and good customer-to-manufacturer response.

With a good customer care reputation and mastering the art of technological engineering, Dawlance has created some of the best home appliances for its clients that no one can offer a match for.

Dawlance offers devices that are not only sustainable but reliable, technologically developed, up to date, environment-friendly and energy-efficient. With marking these boxes, Dawlance has proved its moto; Dawlance is reliable, very efficiently.

Dawlance’s Refrigerators

Dawlance’s innovative refrigeration technology makes sure to make the aim of food storage safe and sound. Dawlance has added its devices with essential vitamin and nutritional value control features.

Dawlance latest refrigerators include a number of modern features like filtering features, large size, good storage capacity, optimizing fan, fresh vitamin tech, H zone feature, illuminated LEDs, Dawlance inverter tech, fast cooling setup with side evaporators, and energy-efficient mode of operation.

A number of other features Dawlance has integrated its devices with are listed below.


  • Nature lock setup
  • Vitamin fresh technology
  • Antifreeze setup
  • Double french door setup
  • Hybrid cooling setup
  • Health zone plus technology
  • LVS plus technology
  • Inverter technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendly operation


Dawlance 110liter/5cft refrigerator (9101) bedroom refrigerator

The attractive and flamboyant bedroom series is ideal for clients opting for innovation and modern tech experience in a bedroom refrigerator, giving them an experience of convenience and reliability.

Dawlance 110liter/5cft refrigerator (9101) bedroom refrigerator


  • Storage capacity: 110liters
  • Colors available: red
  • Top mount refrigerator type
  • Width : 50cm
  • Depth : 49cm
  • Height : 79cm
  • Net weight: 26 kilograms
  • Integrated with n 600a refrigerant
  • Single door setup
  • Toughened wire shelves
  • Direct cooling feature
  • Energy efficient

Dawlance 9122 (AD FP) top mount refrigerator 6.2cft/175liters

Dawlance believes that everyone deserves the best; the new 9122 175l serves as a great companionship in the fields of convenience and technology. It is a modern-day solution to problems like water storage, food storage, and ice making.

Dawlance 9122 (AD FP) top mount refrigerator 6.2cft/175liters


  • Storage capacity: 175 liters
  • Available colors: opal green
  • Top mount refrigerator type
  • 6.2 CFT
  • Width : 490mm
  • Height : 525mm
  • Depth : 1231mm
  • 35 percent energy saving mode of operation
  • Power-efficient
  • Eco friendly
  • R600a refrigerant type

Dawlance reflection Health zone plus refrigerator 10cu/ft 9166 wb gd

Dawlance has always kept its devices integrated with a smart health zone feature to ensure the safety of its clients. Their H zone plus refrigerators are added with an H zone mode of operation to keep bacteria and germs away, thus ensuring health and hygiene.

Dawlance reflection Health zone plus refrigerator 10cu/ft 9166 wb gd


  • H zone plus series
  • Available in Beige green color
  • 300 liters storing capacity
  • Antifungal glass kit
  • 10 percent added excess use capacity
  • Shiny and glossy outdoors
  • Insect repelling technology to keep food safe
  • Hygiene and health ensuring features
  • Smart and innovative design
  • Eco friendly

Dawlance 9173 WB Avante inverter refrigerator

Talking about Dawlance inverter technology, it has made its devices in such a way to accomplishes modern-day solutions to problems. Dawlance has equipped its devices with inverter compressor technology to minimize energy use.

Dawlance 9173 WB Avante inverter refrigerator


  • Dawlance Inverter technology
  • Power efficiency
  • Color availability: luxe brown
  • 55 percent less power usage
  • 30 percent fast cooling feature
  • Five-way cooling feature
  • Door pockets integrated with optimizers
  • A++ energy rate
  • Wide and deep storage size
  • Eco-friendly services
  • Convenient mode of operation
  • Smart design

Dawlance 9188 wb gd Inverter IOT refrigerator

Dawlance Inverter series has yet to offer, and the new 9188 is a smart and innovative refrigerator ideal for users looking for devices with inverter technology. It is equipped with 55 percent less power usage technology. The Dawlance 9188 is a convenient refrigerating device that comes with great features and functions.

Dawlance 9188 wb gd Inverter IOT refrigerator


  • Power saving rate: 55 percent
  • Dawlance Inverter series
  • Wifi builtin
  • High gloss mirror finish
  • It can be operated via solar and ups setups
  • Spilling proof shelves
  • 12 years of warranty
  • Available colors: black
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendly operation

Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

The price of Dawlance refrigerators vary from model to model; Dawlance provides it’s clients with affordable refrigerators that are engineered with high precision and quality, the price of Dawlance refrigerator in Pakistan respective to the models is discussed below, that covers the Dawlance H zone series, Dawlance Inverter series and other refrigerator Dawlance has to offer.

ModelPrice In Pakistan
Dawlance 110liter/5cft refrigerator (9101) bedroom refrigerator26,000 PKR
Dawlance 9122 (AD FP) top mount refrigerator 6.2cft/175liters39,999 PKR
Dawlance reflection Health zone plus refrigerator 10cu/ft 9166 wb gd47,200 PKR
Dawlance 9173 WB Avante inverter refrigerator63,000 PKR
Dawlance 9188 wb gd Inverter IOT refrigerator75,100 PKR


Above, we have discussed the prices of Dawlance 2023 refrigerators and their respective specifications and Features Dawlance has to offer in its refrigerating devices.

Dawlance has integrated its devices with smart and prolific innovative technologies, i.e., h zone series, energy efficiency, insect repellent feature, inverter series, that provide a user with great comfort and convenience.

Dawlance has an affordable refrigerator range to choose from, ranging from 4 digits to above. It has been manufacturing high-quality, commercially successful home appliances that are easy on the budget and innovative-styled as well.

With its glass door, metalic spill-proof shelves, A++ energy rating smart refrigerator range Dawlance has proved itself again on the grounds of both reliability and quality, making its motto ” Dawlance is reliable” more accountable.

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