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DeafTawk Receives Prestigious NSIT Innovation Award for Its Efforts In Empowering 10 Million Deaf Individuals Across Pakistan

DeafTawk received the NSIT Innovation Award from the Government of Punjab recognizing DeafTawk’s exceptional efforts in uplifting 10 million deaf individuals across Pakistan through its innovative solutions and services. This award serves as a testament to DeafTawk’s relentless work in ensuring that deaf individuals are digitally empowered.

The NSIT Innovation Awards is a distinguished initiative celebrating pioneering technological advancements reshaping the ICT industry across Pakistan. Organized by the Central Business District (CBD) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The award recognizes innovative projects and ideas in various sectors, including EdTech, FinTech, and HealthTech.

The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority is an initiative by the Punjab government that is dedicated to establishing and promoting environment-friendly urban regeneration projects based on vertical development principles.

This year, the awards received an astounding response with 600 startups participating. After meticulous evaluation, 12 exceptional ventures were chosen to receive recognition across 12 distinct categories. DeafTawk stood out in the category of empowering persons with disabilities across Pakistan.

DeafTawk is excited to announce the upcoming launch of two new products: a B2B solution designed to help businesses connect with their deaf customers and an AI-powered product set to revolutionize sign language interpretation. Currently operating in Pakistan, DeafTawk also provides services in Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Denmark. It is now looking to expand into the North American and Asia-Pacific markets, bringing our innovative solutions to a global audience.

In addition to establishing a significant global presence, DeafTawk has expanded its operations to the United States, securing its first contract. This initiative is being overseen by Ali Mehdi, Chief Finance Officer of DeafTawk.

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About DeafTawk

DeafTawk is a digital sign language interpretation service committed to bridging the communication gap for the deaf community. Its innovative solutions and services empower deaf individuals, ensuring they access information and opportunities equally. With this award, DeafTawk reaffirms its dedication to making Pakistan a more inclusive society.

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