Monday, October 2, 2023

DealCart Declares War on Inflation!

Every startup has a mission. It might be to think different. It might be to create a global digital community. It might be to connect professionals online. DealCart’s mission is simple: beat inflation. It’s simple because it is practical. It is needed because in a world of overly complex ideas and fancy wordplay, DealCart’s mission is to offer a real solution to a problem that affects 230 million people.

For the past several months Pakistanis have been caught in a vicious cycle of ever increasing priced. Inflation has been tracked at over 40% month on month in official reports. According to economists that number is understated. The common man has been crushed under the weight of continuous inflation that has seen majority of households struggle to maintain even a modest lifestyle.

Rasheed Bano* is a schoolteacher and mother of two children. For weeks she had been cutting down on monthly grocery expenses and still struggling with the rest of her household costs. But recently she started using the DealCart application and has this to say, “Until I received my first package delivery I thought the company was not genuine. In this situation how can anyone consistently offer discounts of 20-25 % on grocery items? I was initially skeptical but now can order goods knowing I am getting the lowest rates available.”

Currently DealCart offers discounts of up to almost 30% on some household items. Its highest absolute discount of PKR 622 on dairy products being utilized by the thousands of users who use DealCart’s application on a daily basis. A breakdown of the prices is below:


Average Market Rate

DealCart Rate

Absolute Discount

Discount %


Rs. 380

Rs. 270

Rs. 110



Rs. 3,000

Rs. 2,378

Rs. 622



Rs. 1,700

Rs. 1,425

Rs. 275


Oil & Ghee

Rs. 3,580

Rs. 2,996

Rs. 584



Rs. 1,545

Rs. 1,367

Rs. 178


DealCart is able to offer these discounts due to its usage of social e-commerce which is able to merge many orders of products to do bulk buying and deliver to the customer. It is the only business to consumer in Pakistan to offer free delivery to its customers who can avail it at orders above PKR 499. The discounts and free delivery help households save on monthly grocery expenses and gives them the leeway to use the savings in bettering their lives.

It is safe to assume that Pakistan will remain in the grip of crippling inflation for the foreseeable future. In this scenario, it is heartening to know that DealCart is helping households deal with ever-rising prices and addressing a serious problem.

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