Monday, October 2, 2023

DealCart Fights Inflation With 50% Discount on its Rozana Brand

Continuing its drive against inflation, DealCart has launched its rice and spice brands. Rozana Rice and Rozana Masalay are easily available from the company’s app with a 50% discount for rice and 40% discount for spices. Customers can order them at the push of a few buttons and get them delivered free on orders over PKR 499. DealCart offers a range of high-quality rice, from short grained basmati to super sella and sourced from the best farms from across Pakistan. Rozana Masalay offers a large variety of spices that includes basics like salt and red chili powder to popular ones like biryani and qorma mixes.

The product launches are a response to the economic crisis that has engulfed Pakistanis for past several months. Thanks to DealCart’s discounts, households can purchase essential grocery items while saving money they can use for other expenses. DealCart fully understands that dealing with mounting household costs at a time of record-breaking inflation can be very challenging. Rice and spices are high usage staples which constitute a large part of a household’s monthly budget and by targeting them with massive discounts DealCart is making a direct intervention in the lives of Pakistanis.

DealCart was founded with the vision of combating inflation by offering its users the best possible rates and empowering them through technology.  Its app gives customers the ability to place larger orders versus buying alone and can shop together in an engaging new way. By giving enormous discounts on everyday grocery items, DealCart is bringing value to families and having a direct impact on their savings which can be utilized for essential areas such as education and healthcare. 

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