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10 Best and Delicious Chocolates in Pakistan with Price 2023

Nowadays, various types of chocolates are available in Pakistan. Popular brands are supplying high-quality chocolates in Pakistan. Here you will learn about the 10 most delicious chocolates in Pakistan.

10 Best and delicious chocolates in Pakistan 2023

The ten best chocolate names in Pakistan in 2023 are given in the below sections.

Cadbury dairy milk

Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate in Pakistan. This Cadbury from fresh milk manufactures it. Cadbury 1905 was firstly introduced in London. In 2004, it was awarded 1st rank in the  UK.

Cadbury in Pakistan is very famous due to its creamy feature. It contains milk, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa mass, protein, cocoa butter, fibers, emulsifiers, and carbohydrates.

Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is not only famous in Pakistan but is also found in other countries such as the USA and is manufactured by Hershey Company.

These Cadbury dairy milk chocolate has good health benefits. For example, it reduces BP, acts like an energy booster, and provides strength to fight against stress and depression. It is also a good source of antioxidants and is considered good for the bones.

However, Cadbury dairy milk chocolate has some side effects, such as it may cause huge weight gain and harm to diabetic patients.

Cadbury dairy milk

Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy Chocolate was first manufactured in the UK in 1960 but is now a very popular chocolate brand in Pakistan and many other countries of the world. It is unique in taste and contains a high amount of calories. Also, it is an amazing source of fat and carbohydrate for the human body.

Galaxy chocolate contains antioxidants and an instant energy source that is good for the proper functioning of the brain and other body parts by enabling smooth blood flow. In this way, the blood pressure of the body remains in a stable state. Also, it protects the skin from the sun and provides quality nutrients to the body. 

Galaxy chocolate is made from the ingredients such as milk, palm fat, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, lactose, cocoa mass, and butter.

Along with the Galaxy chocolate benefits, it can cause obesity that is not good for human health.

Galaxy Chocolate


The other popular chocolate brand in Pakistan is MARS chocolate, manufactured by Mars incorporation. Mars chocolate was initially introduced in 1932 in England and got popular as it contains a good amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Mars chocolate is available in two editions first. One is the British version, and the other is the American version. The British version contains caramel with nougat coated with milk; however, the American version is made from toasted almonds, milk, and nougat.

It is known that 50 grams of mars chocolate provides 230 kilo calories. So, it is estimated that it is a good source of food energy. Mars chocolate contains toasted almonds, milk, caramel, sugar, and nougat in its ingredient list.

Mars chocolate provides good health benefits such as lowering the BP level and being good for the heart. It is also a good source of nutrients. At the same time, it has some cons, such as it can cause diabetes and obesity.

Mars Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher chocolate is an Italian chocolate brand with good taste and quality. It was initially introduced in 1982 in Europe. It uses cocoa butter, mass, and skim milk powder in its manufacturing.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate is a source of instant energy. It improves the person’s immune system and lowers the issues relate to the heart. 

Ferrero Rocher

Bounty Chocolate

The chocolate with excellent taste that is popular in Pakistan is known as the Bounty chocolate, which contains milk and coated coconut filling. Also, it includes many other ingredients that provide high calories and protein to the body.

Bounty chocolate is good for obtaining the essential amount of fat and calories. It uses the following ingredients in its manufacturing: cocoa, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, and coconut.

Bounty chocolate is considered good for health as it solves many health issues. For example, it decreases heart-related problems and blood pressure, improves the immune system, and provides an important and good amount of nutrients necessary for the body’s proper functioning.

At the same time, it causes some side effects. For example, it can cause problems related to dental issues.

Bounty Chocolate

Toblerone Dark

Toblerone dark chocolate in Pakistan is popular due to its unique taste and high quality. Also, Toblerone dark chocolate packaging is unique from the other brands and easily recognizable.

Toblerone dark chocolate is a good source of fat and calories. Also, it is good for health. 

Toblerone Dark

Snickers chocolate

The other best and most famous chocolate in Pakistan that is worth quality is the Snickers chocolate. Snicker chocolate brands come on the list of top chocolate brands in Pakistan.

Snickers chocolate is manufactured from nougat, peanuts, caramel, and milk. That’s why it contains enough dietary fibers, protein, and carbohydrates for good health.

Snicker chocolate ingredients are skim milk, milk chocolate, egg whites, cocoa butter, corn syrup, chocolate, and palm oil.

Snickers chocolate can cause overweight problems, but it also helps to balance the sugar level of the human body by decreasing the risk of diabetes. It is good for proper brain functioning and the heart.

Snickers chocolate


Another chocolate quality brand is Kit Kat which is manufactured and produced by Nestle. It comes in a wafer candy chocolate bar. It is mostly used to provide tasty snacks. This is also used in other desserts to provide quality taste, such as milkshakes, pastries, and cakes.

Kit Kat chocolate in Pakistan includes a good amount of calories, carbohydrates, and fat. In short, you can say that it is a high caloric product that helps to gain weight.

Kit Kat chocolate is manufactured from non-fat milk, lactose, wheat flour, yeast, cocoa butter, artificial flavor, and refined palm kernel oil.

Kit Kat also provides good health benefits. For example, it is good for the heart as it can boost the immune system. It is also a good way to gain carbohydrates. However, it can harm the person’s health by causing dental caries and is not good for diabetic patients.



Twix Chocolate was firstly manufactured in 1967 by the Mars incorporation in the United Kingdom. It is available in many countries of the world, including Pakistan. Also, Twix bites are the Mars incorporated product.

Twix chocolate has a unique taste. It is manufactured from the ingredients such as milk chocolate, lactose, cocoa butter, milk fat, and whey powder.

Twix chocolate is also good for human health as it provides the following benefits. It boosts and improves the immune system, brain, and heart. Also, it is a good source of high protein and carbohydrates. It also helps to lower blood pressure.



The other excellent and best chocolate brand in Pakistan is Mitchells which provides different varieties of chocolates in Pakistan. Mitchells contain Palm oil, skim milk powder, and whey powder in their manufacturing. It provides enough calories and carbohydrates to the body.

It is good for the brain, smooths blood flow, and improves the immune system, but it is not good for diabetic patients.


Best chocolate Price in Pakistan 2023

The Pakistan popular Cadbury dairy milk chocolate price in Pakistan and other best chocolate prices in 2023 are given.

Name of Chocolate Price in Pakistan
Cadbury dairy milk (Pack of 24 pieces)PKR. 559
Galaxy (36 grams)PKR. 350
Mars (24 bars 51 gram)PKR. 3000
Twirl (95 grams)PKR. 1200
Bounty (220 grams)PKR. 795
Toblerone Dark (100 grams)PKR. 450
Snickers (3 x 50 gram)PKR. 360
Kit Kat (21 grams)PKR. 449
Twix (50 gram)PKR. 2450
Mitchells (10 gm)PKR. 325
Ferrero Rocher (T-16 box imported)PKR. 1749

End note

Here all the most delicious chocolate is given and described in detail. So, you can find your favorite one and can enjoy its taste.

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