Monday, April 15, 2024

Desire Expressed By Atif Aslam To Recite Azaan In Holy Ka’aba

Atif Aslam, the top singer of Pakistan, who everyone knows for his music and acting has expressed his desire to recite Azaan at Holy Ka’aba.

On a TV show he talk to the host recently about his desire of reciting the Azaan, he further told that he use to wish and pray to be behind the voice of Azaan. He even recorded Azaan previously in one of his videos, which is still up on YouTube. He shared that he was very eager and restless before the night he had to record the video, he did not sleep. He said, “I was very eager and excited the day before of recording of Azaan. I could not hold my eagerness leading me to not sleep for the whole night.  I could not express my feeling, it was a blessing for me to get a chance to recite Azaan.”

He further added that whoever will let him have a chance to recite Azaan and be the voice behind Azaan being recited in Holy Ka’aba, he will work for that person forever, “whoever will do this favor, I am ready to work for that person forever.”

He was questioned by the host on the TV show about harmony between religion and music, he said”I am a human and human make mistakes and I am trying to keep both religion and the world.” He was further asked about him quitting his career, to which he responded “there is nothing like this in my mind, I am not going to quit my career.”

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