Monday, April 15, 2024

Devout Muslim Paul Pogba removes Heineken beer bottle during Euros press conference

After Ronaldo’s coca-cola outburst, a recently converted Muslim, France soccer star “Paul Pogba” removes the Heineken beer bottle that was placed in front of him during a press conference. 

As per the reports, the incident happened just a day after Cristiano Ronaldo had done the same with two bottles of Coca-Cola and advises his fan to prioritize water over this.

According to sources, it is to be thought Paul’s gesture showed that ALCOHOL is haram in Islam, however; he didn’t explain the reason behind removing the bottle. And left a bottle of water and two bottles of Coke on the table untouched.

The news was circulating after Ronaldo’s stunt that coca-cola had faced a significant loss of about $4billion but the news also appears to be false now.

Coca-Cola responded bluntly to Ronaldo in a statement on Tuesday, saying, “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences. “Pogba also had two bottles of Coke in front of him, but he left them untouched. However, Heineken has yet to issue a response to Pogba’s stance.

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