Friday, December 1, 2023

DIGIT Makes History: Exporting Cutting-Edge “Made in Pakistan” Smartphones to Africa!

Swift Biz Solutions, a prominent mobile manufacturer in Pakistan, has reached a noteworthy milestone in the tech industry by expanding into the global market with its indigenous brand, DIGIT. Known and adored by the masses in Pakistan for its high-quality, stylish, and affordable 4G phones, DIGIT has achieved a significant feat with the export of “Made in Pakistan, Brand Pakistan” smartphone shipment to final destination of South Africa and Rwanda. This historic moment marks the first instance in Pakistan’s history where a locally branded smartphone has been successfully exported, showcasing the nation’s prowess in the global market.

Standing as a leading force in the mobile phone industry and Mobile Broadband Devices in Pakistan, DIGIT has been instrumental in reshaping the market dynamics through an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, accessibility, and affordability. The brand has proudly launched the world’s most affordable smartphone series, fostering a seamless migration from 2G, 3G to 4G devices. This groundbreaking initiative has not only received acclaim globally but has also been acknowledged by the GSMA for its successful rollout.

Building on its triumphs in Pakistan, DIGIT is now extending its mission globally, aiming to make technology more accessible and bridging the digital divide. Recognizing that millions of users in Africa lack access to the digital world due to the unavailability of affordable 4G smartphones, DIGIT is excited to introduce the DIGIT Infinity Max to the African region.

Mr. Abdul Rehman Mahmood, CEO of DIGIT, expressed his enthusiasm about DIGIT’s foray into the African market, stating, “Bringing DIGIT to Africa is not just a business venture; it’s a commitment to empower communities through technology. Our DIGIT brand represents more than just a smartphone; it symbolizes a bridge to the digital world for millions in Africa who need access to affordable 4G connectivity. We are thrilled to contribute to the growth of the African tech landscape, connecting people and creating positive change.”

He further added, “As a Pakistani brand, it gives us the tremendous pride to spotlight our nation’s innovation and excellence on the global stage, showcasing Pakistan’s technological prowess worldwide. This signifies a remarkable leap forward in DIGIT’s global mission, and we are eagerly anticipating the transformative impact Brand Pakistan will make on lives throughout the African continent.”

The export of DIGIT smartphones to South Africa stands as a testament to Pakistan’s expanding influence on the global stage. DIGIT’s success resonates with the proficiency of Pakistani businesses in the international market, spotlighting the nation’s capabilities in technological innovation and manufacturing. In essence, DIGIT’s progression from local success to international acclaim is a source of pride for Pakistan, emphasizing the brand’s substantial contributions to the global mobile phone industry.

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