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Digitalize Online FIR Registration System Installed by Balochistan Police

Recently the milestone that is achieved by the security regulations is that the Balochistan Police has made their system digitalized as per the modern standards of policing. At a press briefing, Mr Mohsin Hassan Butt, The Inspector General- IG of Police had inaugurated this new digitalize system on Tuesday.

According to the report, the Data Command and Communication Center- (DCCC) has been installed for the system at the office of IG.

As per the media reps and the government officials, IG- Mohsin Hassan Butt recently said that computerized system to register FIRs had been installed across all the police stations in Balochistan province. He also added that Gawalmandi police station is now operating totally online, and it is also equipped with the state-of-art facilities. IG later added that all the hotels, as well as the bus stops, will be monitored digitally as per their capabilities of DCCC.

The new digitalize system also enables the complainants to easily register their FIRs- First Information Reports online. However, other services and facilities like that are of Mobile or related to human resource management; every record will also be available on the DCCC platform.

This new technology is very beneficial, and it will also enhance the effectiveness and efficiency, due-diligence among the entire police officers team, for benefitting and supporting the general public of the province, Balochistan.

According to the services and terms, the DCCC will be monitoring the police officers’ performances and also the police stations by just collecting their digital data. Moreover, it will surely improve the standards and will also help the masses by providing them optimal services.

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