Sunday, July 14, 2024

Digitt+ Reaches PKR 1 Billion Milestone in Crop Payments Disbursement

Digitt+, Pakistan’s leading agri-based fintech company, proudly announces the successful disbursement of PKR 1 billion in crop payments, equivalent to USD 3.5 million. This significant achievement underscores Digitt+’s dedication to revolutionizing the agricultural sector by providing substantial financial support to the farming community.

This milestone highlights Digitt+’s commitment to leveraging technology to empower farmers and enhance financial inclusivity. The disbursements were facilitated through Digitt+’s proprietary funds disbursement system and crop management mechanism, ensuring efficient and transparent transactions. Additionally, farmers received PayPak debit cards, integrating them further into the formal financial system.

Expanding its services, Digitt+ is now including maize crop payment disbursements through its innovative Open API solution. This initiative aims to broaden the company’s reach and impact within the agricultural sector, offering more farmers access to timely and reliable financial services.

“This achievement highlights the robustness of our platform and our unwavering commitment to supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices in Pakistan,” said Ahmed Saleemi, CEO of Digitt+. “Our expansion into maize crop payments and the introduction of instant payment solutions for the upcoming crop season further demonstrate our dedication to meeting the unique needs of the agri-community.”

Digitt+ is preparing to implement instant payment solutions for the next crop season, addressing the critical issue of timely payments for farmers. This initiative is designed to streamline financial processes and provide farmers with immediate access to funds, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and overall livelihood.

The company remains steadfast in its mission to drive financial inclusion, empower farmers, and contribute to the nation’s economic growth through innovative financial solutions tailored to the agricultural sector.

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