Monday, March 4, 2024

Eye Catching Designs of Diners Winter Collection 21/22

Enchantment Industry

With the fashion industry changing at a breakneck speed, it is imperative for brands to keep up with changing trends. Most of the advantage fashion retailers have comes from research and preemptive moves.

This includes new designs, applying new technology in manufacturing and even creating attractive new campaigns to cater to the right audience. Recently, Diners has boosted its presence by releasing seasonal collections with extensive photoshoots in across the world. Starting in New York with Adnan Siddiqui in October, their most recent campaign with Imran Abbas in London has created widespread hype. Enchanting locations, picturesque backgrounds drive these looks, while the brand is building a new bond with an audience that is constantly on the look for more contemporary, globally trending aesthetics in their wardrobe.

Diners winter collection for the season 2021/22 features a range of sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts that started with the timeless charm of Istanbul. With the magic of the Bosphorus setting the pace for it’s winter line up, the shoot quickly became the talk of social media everywhere, featuring eye catching designs and inviting shots.

The historical allure of London was the next stop for the brand, with Imran Abbas donning the Winter Casual collection in his signature charisma and energy. Diners has always prided itself for keeping its finger on the pulse, and as 2022 rolls in, their plans to integrate more contemporary and relevant icons and themes into the brand narrative will ensure that Diners remains the fashion retailer of choice and surpass the current market in quality and variety.

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