Monday, April 15, 2024

Diplomatic visas issued by Pakistan and India to each other

After a 28-month hiatus, Islamabad and New Delhi have handed assignment visas to each other’s diplomats as both sides try to normalise ties that have been on hold since a suicide bomber targeted a military convoy in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 (IIOJK).

Later that year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked IIOJK’s semi-autonomous status in order to consolidate his control over the region, causing indignation in Pakistan and the downgrading of diplomatic ties as well as the cessation of bilateral commerce.

In the last several weeks, Pakistan and India have issued a considerable number of assignment visas to one other’s diplomatic personnel.

All visa applications submitted by March 15 this year were granted by both nations.

Pakistan granted visas to 33 Indian officials, while India granted assignment visas to seven Pakistani diplomats.

According to sources, Pakistan and India may reach an agreement by June 15 to issue visas on assignment applications.

Following that, the two countries are likely to issue more visas to diplomats from each other’s countries. It should be mentioned that diplomats and embassy employees from foreign nations are issued assignment visas by countries all over the world.

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