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‘Disappointed’ Pakistani Fan who went Famous During World Cup 2019 Featured in Hong Kong’s ‘Museum of Memes’

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar gained unexpected fame during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. A video of him looking visibly disappointed after Asif Ali dropped a catch went viral, leading to the creation of the widely recognized ‘disappointed fan’ meme.

This meme has since been shared across various social media platforms and has become an integral part of internet culture.

Recently, Akhtar expressed his excitement and pride in being featured in the Hong Kong Museum of Memes. He took to Twitter to share a video from the museum, which showcased his famous ‘disappointed’ pose, and also posted a photo of the meme being exhibited in the museum.

This recognition underscores the significant influence and reach of internet memes in today’s popular culture. It also highlights the unexpected ways in which individuals can achieve global recognition through viral moments on the internet.

In a recent interview Akhtar shared his experience of becoming an internet meme sensation. He mentioned that although his disappointed reaction was genuine, he only realized his viral fame after the match when he was approached by an interviewer.

Akhtar said, “After my name got out, I received thousands of friend requests on Facebook, and my phone kept ringing all night long.”

He further added, “The meme became popular not just in cricketing nations but also in countries like Uganda, Botswana, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It resonates with people because it can be applied to any situation involving an unpopular decision.”

On the second anniversary of the meme going viral, cricket fans and official cricket accounts came together to celebrate Akhtar’s iconic expression. The International Cricket Council and Somerset County also acknowledged the viral meme by sharing it on their Twitter accounts.

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