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Do you Know the Meaning of ‘i’ in iPhone?

If a digital device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet has an ‘i’ written at the beginning of the name, it means that it has been developed by the Apple company.

But the question is, what does the word i mean in the ‘i’ iPhone?

This was answered by Steve Jobs, who introduced the iMac computer in 1998.

Presenting this computer, Steve Jobs said that i means internet, but this is not the only meaning of it.

“We want to tell people that this is a computer that has internet facility.

However, he said that i does not just mean internet, but it is also an abbreviation for four more words.

These words are individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.

Steve Jobs said that we are a personal computer company and although this device is for the Internet, it can also be used for education and instruction.

“We hope that inspired by this, we will develop even better devices in the future,” he added.

Introducing the first iPhone in 2007, he said that this phone will have the opportunity to use the internet.

But it should also be noted here that the purpose of using iKi in every device is to assure users that they are using a device made by Apple and that i Is not being used just to access the Internet.

For example, when the first iPod was introduced in 2001, it did not have the option of internet access.

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