Saturday, December 2, 2023

Domino’s Employee Climbed 6 Hours Up Mountain Fuji to Deliver an Order

Hikers on Japan’s Mount Fuji got a surprise when they saw someone who looked like a pizza delivery worker during their climb. A Twitter user posted a picture showing a person in what seemed to be a Domino’s Pizza uniform carrying a bag while exploring the mountain.

However, it turns out that the person in the uniform wasn’t a real pizza delivery worker. His name is Umanami Futoshi, and he’s an office worker who enjoys hiking while dressed in different delivery uniforms. He often wears these uniforms and carries bags filled with hiking gear and necessities.

During his hikes, Umanami has worn uniforms from various delivery services, including UberEats, a Japanese delivery service called Demae-Can, and Pizza-La, which is Japan’s second-largest pizza chain after Domino’s Pizza.

On a Japanese outdoor adventure social media platform called Yamap, Umanami mentioned in his profile that he likes to bring “surprise” and “smiles” to the mountaintop. He shares detailed information about his hikes, like how long they take, how far he goes, the routes he takes, and where he stops.

Umanami also shares photos from his hikes while wearing these delivery uniforms. In one photo, he pretends to hand a Domino’s pizza box to another hiker.

Reports say Umanami started wearing delivery uniforms on hikes about a year ago when he got a thermal delivery bag from UberEats. He found the idea of dressing up as a delivery person during hikes to be fun and interesting, and he’s received support from others, which motivates him to keep climbing and improving his skills.

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