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Dove’s “No Damage Beyond Repair” Podcast Series Highlights Exemplary Women of Pakistan

In a world often fixated on superficial judgments, Dove has transcended the ordinary with its groundbreaking initiative, the “No Damage Beyond Repair” podcast series. This remarkable platform, presented in collaboration with Express Tribune, is a testament to Dove’s commitment to empowering women by providing a space for their stories to shine and a platform where they can express themselves and inspire others with their journey.

The series, hosted by Sidra Iqbal, is a celebration of exemplary women in our society and aims to challenge the prevailing misconception that damage is irreparable. Dove Pakistan has ingeniously curated a space where inspiring stories of resilience, strength, and impactful steps toward repair can be put under the spotlight. The women featured in the series are ordinary women with extraordinary stories. They are exceptional individuals rewriting the rules of the game in their own unique ways, without the fear of judgement or discrimination.

One of the notable voices in this empowering narrative is Rabia Najeeb, a Mental Health Advocate and Clinical Psychologist, who delved into the intricate relationship between self-image and fundamental aspects like self-confidence and self-esteem. In another compelling episode, Azima Dhanjee took the stage with her groundbreaking initiative, ConnectHear, which aims to make public places accessible for hearing and verbally impaired individuals.

Dove has outdone itself by creating a platform that challenges stereotypes and amplifies voices that deserve to be heard. The “No Damage Beyond Repair” series is a testament to Dove’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and its vision of celebrating diverse stories. The podcast began with the aim of giving a prominent platform to women whose stories and voices often go unheard or unnoticed. Dove wanted to inspire countless other women who are oftentimes waiting for that one source of inspiration to change their lives. 

Through the “No Damage Beyond Repair” podcast, Dove has brought forward stories of resilience and empowerment, encouraging women everywhere to embrace their uniqueness and take control of their own narratives.



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