Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Dubai Airport Featured Amongst 5 of 10 Busiest Global Routes

Additionally, five of the top 10 busiest routes in the world in terms of seats pass via Dubai International Airport (DXB).

According to statistics made public by flight database provider OAG, Dubai experienced significant increases in passenger traffic on Gulf and Indian routes once the aviation industry recovered.

With 40 flights per day and 3.191 million seats, Dubai-Riyadh was the second busiest route in the world last year, according to OAG, which provides data on international flight information, airports, and airlines.

With 2.697 million and 2.425 seats, respectively, Dubai-London Heathrow and Dubai-Jeddah were the fourth and sixth busiest routes. Mumbai-Dubai and Delhi-Dubai, with 1.977 million and 1.898 million seats, respectively, were the eighth and tenth busiest routes in the world.

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