Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dubai Breaks World Record with Hatta Sign that is Taller than Hollywood’s

Dubai’s Hatta Mountain sign, designed like those in Hollywood, has achieved a Guinness World Record as the tallest landmark sign, towering at 19.28 meters. Positioned atop the Hajar Mountains, it welcomes visitors to the developing tourist area of Hatta.

This landmark is even taller than the famous Hollywood sign, which stands at 13.7 meters, and it lights up the night sky, much like its renowned counterpart. The Hatta sign is reachable only on foot, requiring about a 30-minute hike from Hatta Wadi Hub. Hatta, near the Oman border, has become a popular destination for adventure seekers, offering activities like mountain biking and kayaking.

Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan includes the Hatta Master Development Plan, which aims to further boost tourism, business, and investment in the region. It envisions the creation of a beach, a new lake, a cable railway, hotels, and extensive bicycle paths. Dubai Tourism has also launched a campaign called “The Highlands of Dubai” to showcase the natural beauty and cooler climate of this mountainous area.

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