Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Dubai Can Now Produce Nearly 500 Million Gallons of Water Per Day

Dubai can now produce almost 500 million gallons of desalinated water every day. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority expanded its water pipeline network by 64 kilometers last year at a cost of around Dh358 million.

With this expansion, the total capacity for producing desalinated water has reached 490 million gallons per day, aiming to serve over 1.5 million residents in the long run.

According to Saeed Al Tayer, the managing director and chief executive of the authority, Dewa has achieved remarkably low water network losses compared to other utilities worldwide. They have implemented remote monitoring systems and control centers to reduce interruptions in the critical water networks.

The pipeline extensions also involved the installation of durable glass-reinforced epoxy water pipes of various sizes.The authority’s goal is to provide Dubai residents with reliable, efficient, and readily available water while meeting the increasing demand and maintaining water reserves. Last year, water network losses were recorded at 4.5 percent, significantly lower than the approximately 15 percent in North America.

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