Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Dubai International Airport to Hit 90-Million Passenger Mark for First Time in 2025

Dubai International Airport is on track to welcome 90 million passengers in 2025, with a forecast of 93.8 million. The Airport aims to surpass its busiest year in 2018, recording 89.1 million travelers, driven by new wide-body aircraft deliveries and increased flights from foreign Airlines.

During the recent Dubai Airshow, Emirates and flydubai collectively ordered 125 wide-body aircraft, marking a significant boost. The Airport anticipates exceeding pre-pandemic levels in 2023, with a revised forecast of 86.8 million passengers, up from the earlier projection of 85 million.

To accommodate this growth, Dubai Airports is implementing plans to enhance capacity to 120 million. This includes technology upgrades, infrastructure expansion, and more efficient use of space. Terminal 2 will undergo expansion to cater to flydubai’s remarkable 66% growth since the pandemic.

Cargo at DXB experienced a notable 12.3% surge in the third quarter, reaching 446,400 tonnes. Despite geopolitical challenges, the airport remains resilient due to its extensive connections, serving 250 destinations in 104 countries through 95 airline customers.

With the return of Chinese travelers expected to make a substantial contribution to traffic numbers, Dubai Airports is optimistic about the future. The diverse global spread and confidence shown by home carriers in aircraft orders add to this positive outlook.

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