Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dubai Islamic Bank’s Independence Day DVC is Doing Rounds on Social Media Because of Its Inspiring Message

Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank UAE (DIB). In accordance with Shari’a, the Bank has retained its position as a creative solution provider for all of its clients’ financial demands.

On the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day, Dubai Islamic Bank has launched a campaign that highlights the significance of our deep-rooted traditions and the foundational values that have been with us since gaining independence. This has played a role in promoting harmony among people of all ages.

This acknowledgment emphasizes that our cultural heritage and historical roots remain integral to our identity as a nation. They provide a sense of continuity and connection with our past, while also serving as a unifying force that transcends generational gaps.

The campaign has an inspiring message for our society that trends keep changing, but our wisdom, tradition, and values ​​remain, which are passed down from generation to generation. This is our identity and this is Pakistan.

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